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Child Bride Survivor - Sherry Johnson

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Majority of girls who marry at an early age (prior to turning 18), are cut off from social interactions which inhibits their mobility and autonomy to build their support system.  This demographic also share higher rates of poverty, having more children, inability to complete high school , drug and alcohol abuse in addition to domestic violence.  These girls are also more susceptible to physiological, emotional and other types of abuse.

Sherry Johnson, founder of Svon Foundation, Inc., is a woman who survived being raped at 8 years old, pregnant at 9 years old and made to marry her rapist at 11 years old.  She is a Child Bride activist and advocates for children and women who have suffered through sexual abuse.   She is the author of "Forgiving the Unforgivable: Purple in a Darker Color," and motivational speaker.   

After six years of Johnson’s advocacy, Florida lawmakers overwhelmingly approved SB 140 and voted to ban marriage to any child under the age of 17, effective July 2018.

Our Mission:  We are dedicated to advocating for illegalization of child marriage in the United States of America.  It is our mission to support other agencies and organizations that promote education and services to those individuals and families that have experienced the difficulties of coping with child sexual abuse.

Our Vision:  To help more victims to become survivors, thrivers, and trailblazers, perpetuating more victory stories.    

Opportunity:  We encourage  individuals to speak up and to speak out and tell their story of survival.  People turn a blind eye to the children who are forced to marry in the United States of America.  Now is the time to shed light on the loopholes that allow these unions to take place and protect our children.   

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  • Child abuse and neglect is preventable         
  • Research tells us how to prevent it and what works         
  • The cost, to US taxpayers, of not preventing abuse and neglect is approximately $80 billion a year         
  • The Brookings Institute identifies investment in home visitation services (like Healthy Families America) as one of the four investments that should be made to reduce our national budget deficit; and,         
  • Whereas 90% of the public views child abuse and neglect as a national issue, abuse and neglect will not be eliminated until each of us becomes engaged in solutions and places action behind our statements.