Forgiving The Unforgivable: Purple in a darker color

Sherry Johnson | Child Bride survivor


Sherry V. Johnson is more than a woman who survived being raped at 8-years-old, pregnant at 9, and forced to marry her rapist at 11.  She is a thriver, a changemaker, and a child-bride activist who advocates for children and women who have suffered sexual abuse. 


Volunteers welcome

There is a tremendous need for volunteers to assist with grant writing, research, and social media marketing. Join Sherry and her amazing group of supporters in this important mission.  Thank you!


Our Mission

We are dedicated to advocating for the illegalization of child marriage in the U.S.  Although we've facilitated law changes in several states after 6 years of lobbying efforts, we have many more states to go.  

volunteer with us

Sherry Johnson is the author of "Forgiving the Unforgivable: Purple in a Darker Color," a self-appointed advocate and lobbyist to change outdated laws, and a motivational speaker. Her foundation supports this work and other agencies and organizations that promote services to individuals and families who have been victimized by this issue. If you'd like to join us in this mission, please email us.